Media Player Classic Home Cinema

MPC-HC presents users with a light weight player that is simple and easy to use. Despite its simplicity, this player is filled with ambitious features which everyone can take advantage because it is open source and free. This software is capable of playing DVD's and supports a lot of format unlike its predecessor. Users can choose their desired aspect ratio when viewing a video, it could be short and wide or whatever the user wants.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema Features

MPC-HC makes viewing of videos pleasant for it comes with translations in different foreign languages, it allows user to make use of its tearing removing tool, and its interface is simple and clean. Aside from playing DVD's, this software is also capable of playing Blu-Rays too. This newer version supports EVR renderer and is available to Windows platform such as the Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and 8.

Output Renderer

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema enables user to configure its output renderer for the purpose of video playback. Depending on what platform does the user uses, there are tons of video renderers available to choose from. Once user has chosen the desired renderer, one can view the played back video despite using a connection from a remote desktop.

Language Translation

MPC-HC allows user to watch videos in different languages. This player is capable of translating languages such as English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Korean, Czech, French, and a lot more. This player is not just for English speakers but for other nationalities too.

Supports Dozen of Formats

MPC-HC unbelievably supports almost all formats out there. This player is packed with about 2 dozens of both audio format and video format and the best part of it is that users can configure the format on which one to use and assign as their language default when launching the player.